Plus Minus Bookkeeping Logo5 advantages of bookkeeping in Oregon City

In the city of Oregon, Plus-minus bookkeeping involves cash flow tracking, lines of credit as well as billing. The bookkeeper needs to resolve any kind of problem occurring in a firm’s accounts and enhance financial communication between the staff and members.


1.Transparency and accountability

Bookkeeping facilitates accountability with clients since you are able to counter check past transactions to confirm payments and prices. In addition, it ensures accountability between business partners when accessing the books to evaluate expenditures and revenues.

2.Provision of important data

Bookkeepers provide crucial data that can be used by the management in decision making regarding expansion, cost reduction and increasing credit lines.

3.Legal obligation

Bookkeeping is a legal requirement that must be met by an organization. One has to maintain up to date financial reports

4.Cutting fraud

Bookkeeping practices help in detecting fraud and the criminals are punished which makes the cases of fraud in companies controlled and minimized.

5.Credit score

Credit scores will help boost your reputation, bookkeepers can track bank balances, money owed and bill due dates to ensure the payment of bills.

How can plus minus help you:

In Oregon city, we will keep track of your accounting or bookkeeping to strategically save you taxes and optimize your opportunities of growing the business. We also provide the best bookkeeping services in Oregon city. We are also the best Intuit QuickBooks certified pro advisors. We will train and help you to implement systems using QuickBooks to make bookkeeping or accounting in general for your business efficient but most importantly effective.

We guarantee up to date compliance with the current IRS laws, ease of accessibility for your tax-related documents and bank-level security for your data.

You may call us at (503) 594-2895 or visit us at 615 8th St, Oregon City, OR 97045 for a consultation.